What we do

Today, our product lines A4 +, Klassika and Waste are manufactured in our factory in Rydaholm, Småland. Much has happened since the start of Lundqvist, but the foundation has always been the same. We manufacture and sell high-quality furniture that is used in diverse areas such as offices, archives, stores, schools, museums, shops and homes.

Lundqvist is a privately held company with sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Lundqvist has two production plants, located in Gnesta and Rydaholm.

Testing in Gnesta, one single shelf holds 14 men.


Lundqvist Woodworking started in 1939 by the innovative carpenter, Harald Lundqvist. Nine years after its inception, the company patented Lundiahyllan, Lundia Wood. The design is based on the angle iron ends of the shelves and the so-called self-stress principle. The success was immediate. Lundia Wood is still the backbone of the company supply, although the portfolio has increased by many other products and accessories over the years. Already in the 40´s, the bookshelf series Klassika was designed. The Klassika product range was - the first mass-produced bookshelf for both private home and office use.

The factory in Gnesta was established to manufacture Lundia Wood in 1952. The plant remains in our possession for the production of the product series Lundia Wood. Our machinery is modern and production runs with two fully automated production lines.

The rapid expansion in the 50's did not keep Lundqvist from continuing to be innovative. Tätpackning, rolling cabinets or shelves on rails is introduced in 1959. It allowed Lundqvist to continue its to expansion, especially abroad, where many manufactures Lundia shelves under license.

During the 80´s, the manufacturing of Lundia Steel, an addition to Lundia Wood, started. A4 +, a storage system based on the standard A4-format and tailored for office use, was introduced in 1998. Although this is great news and once again asserts itself as an innovator, the Lundqvist organization broadens the way of constructed shelves.

In 2008, Lundqvist took the step into the sorting of office wastes, by launching the product line Waste. This product line consists of several different models with different expressions, but all models showing good function and quality, as well as inspiring design.